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Laurel Ann Catt.  She runs the house.   She runs everything.  She runs *on* everything.  But we couldn't live without her.  Laurel is our 7 year old Norwegian Forest Cat.  

Odysseus was our big black cat.  He went AWOL in early February.  We hope he's with another family who loves him as much as we loved him.  We miss him more than we can say.

We also had Kaboodle.  But her friends called her Boodie.  She was kinda grouchy, but who wouldn't be at nearly 112 years old?  (In cat years, that is.)   She slept with us, and purred all the time.  Oh, and she drooled.  Boodie past away on Easter Sunday, 2001.  She lived a long good life with us, but now she's back with Mom.  The pictures of her are still here, because she still lives in our hearts.

Laurel.jpg (29584 bytes) It's Laurel!  She's a Jungle Cat. She weighs around 12 or 14 pounds.
Ody.jpg (34019 bytes) Ody loved hanging out on the sunny patio.  Ody was a big boy, weighing in at over 20 pounds.
Boodie in tub.jpg (18576 bytes) Boodie liked to hide in the tub on occasion.  Boodie slimmed down in her old age.  She was down to just under 9 pounds.
Kitties.jpg (70247 bytes) All three kitties were napping buddies on our bed.

Ody was such a dork.  He loved water!  We had a special water fountain just for him so he could play with the moving water.
Boodie was such an old sweetie.  She kept Paul and I company while we did silly things like sleep & watch TV.

What a sweet little computer cat!