I'm not sure what the point of this page is.  Maybe just to prove that I have friends and a life...

To check out our Anniversary Pictures, click here for Color and here for Black and White

L to R: Christy and Sean, Kim, Donna, Me, Lisa and Paul in San Diego in September 2001


My brother Oin and I at the Stone Brewery in Escondido

My Best Friend Lisa and I playing around at Madam Toussad's

One of my best friends from high school: Brett.
(Also the smartest person I know)

Jennifer is the leader of my SCA household, and is always hot, even in the snow. (hence the bare feet)

Jeremiah (Data) - a seriously cool guy

Brian, Tricia, Paul and I at the Statue of Liberty

Amy, Me, and Trica in Princeton, NJ.

With the Merrill Lynch Bull on Wall Street in NYC

At the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas on our Honeymoon

We had a blast on our Honeymoon in NYC