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The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre-17th-century European history. The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the European Middle Ages, its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc. The SCA "period" is defined to be Western civilization before 1600 AD, concentrating on the Western European High Middle Ages. Under the aegis of the SCA we study dance, calligraphy, martial arts, cooking, metalwork, stained glass, costuming, literature... well, if they did it, somebody in the SCA does it (Except die of the Plague!)

Barony of Starkhafn  (Las Vegas)

Barony of Califia  (San Diego)

Kingdom of Caid (Southern CA, Clark County, Hawaii & New Zealand)

SCA Knowne World

House Griffin of Landsend    The Household my husband and I belong to...

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Master Robert, Joia, Elwyn and Christina

Elwyn and Jane dancing

In the SCA, we have "personas."  We research and register names and devices, and go by those names when we do SCA events.  In the SCA, I'm known as Joia DeTarleton.  My husband Paul is known as Elwyn DeTarleton.